Pretty in Green Quartz (Aventurine Necklace)

Pretty in Green Quartz (Aventurine Necklace)

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Green Aventurine is naturally the luckiest stone on earth, so be sure to buy a lottery ticket with this beaut wrapped around your neck. For a bonus boost, free this genuine four leaf clover from its glycerin prison. The luckiest of all herbs, thought to bring good fortune to anyone who finds one (or buys one in a bar of soap). The four leaves stand for luck, love, hope, and faith. Includes 18" silver-plated chain and green gift packaging.  

Green Aventurine crystal (pendant)

The “stone of opportunity” promotes good fortune and success in all areas of life. Boosts confidence, mood, creativity, and motivation. Associated with the Heart Chakra.

Sage Oil

Aphrodisiac, deodorizer, induces euphoria, relaxes, tones skin, and balances oil. Fights depression, anxiety, infection, digestive upset, headache, cough, and convulsions.

Cedarwood Oil

Tones skin, calms and soothes. Fights eczema, fungal infections, acne, skin peeling and redness, and arthritis.